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The Beyond Polarization Project

As a citizen:


  • Do you have political divides within your family or with friends?

  • Could you use some help to manage stress and deal with the overwhelm of these intense political times?

  • Would you like to increase your ability to communicate effectively, resolve disputes and be an effective agent for change?


As a political leader:


  • Would you like to increase your stature and ability to lead beyond divides, engage with voters outside of your base, and achieve the vision you most desire for your community?


Then you are ready to get Beyond Polarization and be part of the movement to reclaim our civil discourse and be a leader with your friends, family and community.


These are intense political times we live in with people highly divided and polarized on each side. Our political discourse, fueled by the media, has become more like a bad reality TV show than a real conversation on the issues. We fight and name call, belittle and attack each other’s character rather than try to understand, listen to each other and have honest, authentic conversations about the issues.


This divide in America has created intense pain, dividing friends and families, and preventing us from having real conversations about the important issues in our communities and country. And many of these problems are getting worse!


Economic change, environmental change and social change are all continuing to disrupt our economy and communities. We need real leadership and an engaged citizenry to come together and have the kind of real, honest, and respectful conversations that are needed and to work together on important solutions that we can all agree on.


This is the mission of the Beyond Polarization Project, to give citizens and our political leader the skills and tools needed to bridge divides and lead beyond polarization.


As a citizen we offer the skills and tools in communication and self-reflection on our resources page. We also have upcoming workshops and podcasts available to help you become a more effective agent for change.

As a political leader we offer consulting to help you achieve your highest political vision by helping you hone your messaging and create citizen engagement events around your community's issues.


Register for our next webinar:

Beyond Polarization: Strategies For Effective Engagement

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 pm 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 Eastern

$15 suggested donation

(but no one turned away for lack of funds)

Can't make it to this event? Enter your email and we'll keep you posted for future ones:

Recent Interview Replay:
How to talk about politics without having a political discussion
live radio show interview with: 
Mark Schall and Charlie Rebich
  • How the media has created the current polarization.
  • The issues we need to be talking about but are not.
  • 5 Steps to have an effective conversation on politics.
  • Live coaching of a politically divided couple.

Listen Here
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