Waking up citizen leaders and leaders of citizens to take us beyond polarizing to the world our heart's know it possible. 

We live in intense political times. We face major issues locally and nationally, from climate change to immigration, economic and technological disruption to social change and racism.


And yet, as a society we are more polarized than ever. Too often political leaders and the media think its a better idea to play to our tribal instincts and create more division and polarization than it is to empower people with real information and a dialogue on the issues.


This divisive polarization is blocking us from solving most of our important  problems and is creating real pain in our communities. Racism and race issues are on the rise and families and communities have been torn apart because of polarization. These same dynamics of polarization happen locally too. Vested interests, ego’s and identity politics all play out on school boards, city councils and local assemblies. It makes it difficult for local leaders to be effective and move policies and projects forward.


But we can get beyond polarization. All of the issues we face and pain we experience is an opportunity to show up and become better leaders.


We can learn how to better communicate with each other and:


  • Have constructive conversations on politics and difficult issues.

  • Heal relationships, friendships and our communities.

  • Become better leaders by mastering the “hard” and “soft” skills of communication to rally supporters, build bridges and create new alliances.


To be successful we all need to become masterful communicators and to do so means learning the right mindset, heartset and communication skillset.

Online workshop:

3 Key communication skills to transcend divides and heal relationships

Tuesday, September 8
5:30 to 6:15 PT


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